Best Super Bowl Recipes!

Best Super Bowl Recipes | Grandbaby Cakes

Ok funny story.  Someone asked me yesterday if I actually watch the the Super Bowl game, and my reply was, “What game?”  Seriously what game?  The day is really all about food.  Chili, chicken wings, bread sticks, pizza and so many other Super Bowl recipes that make you want to slap your mama are what […]

Shrimp Nacho Potato Skins

Shrimp Nacho Potato Skins | Grandbaby Cakes

This week on BHG Delish Dish, I’m sharing these Shrimp Nacho Potato Skins.  Yes, I am going through a shrimp phase but believe me when I say these are perfect for the Super Bowl. I’m not very good at watching football but I am good at eating football treats, like these. Potato Skins are the […]

Pomegranate Honey Wings

Pomegranate Honey Wings | Grandbaby Cakes

With the Super Bowl around the corner, I am pretty sure you have an insane amount of wing options taking over your blog feed.  Well I didn’t want to go cliche’ and give you the standard buffalo wings (even though I love them like anyone else).  I already spiced things up for you with the […]

Homemade Garlic Cheese Breadsticks

Garlic Cheese Breadsticks | Grandbaby Cakes

For a website with the name “Cakes” in the title, you would think that the most popular recipe on my site would be a cake right?  Not quite.  The most popular recipe is my homemade garlic bread and second place is my Real Deal Caramel Cake.  Bananas right?  Not one week goes by without me receiving […]

Orange Glazed Salmon

Orange Glazed Salmon | Grandbaby Cakes

I am super excited to share with you this Orange Glazed Salmon post today which is my very first recipe for Omaha Steaks!!!!  I am now creating a recipe each month using their incredible quality products.  I have been a fan of Omaha Steaks for quite some time so this is a true honor. The first […]

Mango Jerk Wings

Mango Jerk Wings

Super Bowl Sunday is coming soon y’all, and honestly the only thing that has me excited is this recipe.  Mango Jerk Wings will be made in large quantities in my home on game day.   You can pretty much guarantee that and take it to the bank. Why are these mango jerk wings so exciting? […]

Pink and Green Vanilla Cupcakes

Pink and Green Vanilla Cupcakes | Grandbaby Cakes

Today is the 107th Founders’ Day of my sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and I thought I would celebrate with these darling pink and green vanilla cupcakes. Being a Soror of this sisterhood is a family legacy that I will always cherish.  Both my mother and my aunt are Sorors (even my baby cousin […]

Light Shrimp Scampi with Spaghetti Squash

Light Shrimp Scampi with Spaghetti Squash | Grandbaby Cakes

I have been on a healthy kick so far this year on the blog, and today’s recipe is no exception.  I am sharing Light Shrimp Scampi with Spaghetti Squash on BHG Delish Dish today. Shrimp Scampi is a favorite of mine.  In fact, my cousin Roslynn (she was named after me but took the R […]

Raspberry Banana Ice Cream

Raspberry Banana Ice Cream | Grandbaby Cakes

Deliciously light raspberry banana ice cream made with just frozen bananas, raspberries and a couple more ingredients. There is something to be said about light desserts when they are done right.  They can easily become a classic.  Take the infamous “banana” ice cream for example.  I remember reading about this phenomenon where frozen banana is […]

Flourless Chocolate Orange Cookies

Flourless Chocolate Orange Cookies | Grandbaby Cakes

Gluten isn’ fair.  Neither are carbs.  I’m kinda sick of both robbing people of their glorious traditional baked goods.  If you look at your family or friends, I am pretty sure someone in your circle is struggling with one or both. My uncle Larry is the one in our family (that we currently know of) […]

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