Destination Desserts: The Cupcakory Boston

This week’s Destination Desserts food truck, The Cupcakory, is considered Boston’s original cupcake food truck.  It was also one of the very first food trucks in Boston.  Since 2010, The Cupcakory has cruised the streets of Beantown serving its residents the most delicious scratch cupcakes using only high-quality and natural ingredients.  They prides themselves on creating real cake, real good.  I was excited to talk with Cupcakory owner Diane who spent a year tweaking all of her recipes in preparation to open her truck in 2010.  In our interview, she talks about her popular sweets truck and how she got started.  Check out more below!

Photo courtesy of The Cupcakory

1.  What did you do before you started your food truck business?
Textbook publishing but that industry has pretty much died out.  After watching company after company either go out of business or lay off almost all of its employees, my time finally came, and I was faced with changing careers. I decided to try something completely different.  Baking was and is still one of my passions, and I decided on cupcakes because they appeal to such a wide variety of people.
 Photo courtesy of The Cupcakory
2.  What problems did you run into when trying to set your food truck up?  Laws, funding, menu, etc?
Boston is probably one of the last cities to allow food trucks to vend within city limits. When I started doing research on putting my cupcake truck on the streets of Boston almost 4 years ago now, I was told “No food trucks in Boston.” I thought, that can’t be and went ahead with my plans.  Six months later, the city council began talking about allowing food trucks on the streets in once-restricted areas. A few farmer’s markets opened up that welcomed my truck, and I waited almost a year for the city to come out with a street-vending permit. Boston now has food truck only parking areas that are given out once a year by lottery in the financial district and downtown areas.
 Photo courtesy of The Cupcakory
3.  Why is it important to get desserts on the go?
It’s quick, it’s personal and it’s fun. Cupcakes or desserts on the go are a nice alternative if you’re in a hurry or want a treat for yourself after lunch. A cupcake is just the right size unlike a cake where you’ll have most of it left in your refrigerator for days taunting you. With cupcakes, you can try different flavors at minimal cost–buy two different ones to have with a friend and split them. Food off a truck is also really personal–it puts you in direct contact with the people who made your food. You can ask questions about ingredients, the baking process, etc. It’s old-fashioned customer service.
 Photo courtesy of The Cupcakory
4.  What ingredient can’t you live without?
Flour. It’s the key ingredient in cake. Whether it be wheat flour or rice flour if you’re making gluten-free cupcakes–a cupcakery cannot live without some form of flour. What ingredient stresses me out if I don’t have it? Madagascar vanilla. I use it in my vanilla frosting, and I will go to great lengths to make sure I have it.
Photo courtesy of The Cupcakory
5.  Describe your food truck using only dessert terms?
Sweet treats on wheels made with sugar and spice and seriously everything nice!
To learn more about The Cupcakory, visit them here
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