Destination Desserts: Dimples Delights Florida

Pastry chef Lindsey Nolder, owner of this week’s Destination Desserts food truck Dimples Delights , is a true inspiration.  She is a dreamer who made her dream of selling her delicious desserts to the masses come true.  With the help of her boyfriend, Dimples Delights is now a big time dessert truck in Florida where the masses definitely show up to delight in their warm turnovers, cupcakes and mini delights.  To say I was “delighted” to feature this truck is an understatement.  To learn more about Dimples Delights, check out my interview with Lindsey below.

 Photo courtesy of Dimples Delights LLC

1.  What made you start a food truck business?
My passion for baking started when I was in high school!  I took a cake decorating course, and my passion was unleashed.  When I graduated high school, I earned my Associate in Science for Baking and Pastry Management.  I took every opportunity to learn and grow as a pastry chef.  My family and boyfriend have been very supportive of my passion and always encouraged me to start my own business.  I was intimidated by failure and that kept me from being able to make my dream job for owning a bakery a reality.  December 2011, the food truck industry caught my eye and with the amazing support of my boyfriend, we decided to take my dream to the street and start my very own dessert food truck!  For the first few months of the year, we did a lot of researching about the truck industry and then in April we purchased my truck!  The following few months, my boyfriend spent the weekends building the truck interior, and I spent them working on my product and marketing my new business!   By July of 2012, we were in a local food truck competition that was the truck’s launch.  We were awarded The Peoples Choice Award and were stocked to be on the road spreading our delights!  

 Cupcakes photo courtesy of Dimples Delights LLC


2.  What is the hardest part of running a food truck?
The hardest part is the uncertainty of how any given event will go and how to prepare for it.  I prepare all of the desserts ahead of time and only sell from my truck therefore the hardest part has been to know how much to make.  Another factor is the weather Florida is known for its afternoon showers, and this can cause events to be canceled last minute or a percentage of attendees to drop.  
Turnovers photo courtesy of Dimples Delights LLC

3.  What is an average day like for your business? 

I never could have planned for the schedule that I hold today as a Food Truck owner.  I run the business by baking the items, managing the “office work”, and even washing the truck! Every day is different but on a day that holds an evening food truck event my day starts with a hot cup of coffee.  I arrive at my commissary kitchen between 7am-8am and begin baking. I work on items for the event, as well as custom dessert orders that will need to be completed for pick up by customers at the kitchen.  Around 2pm or 3pm, I pack up the truck, gas up and head to the event where I share my delights with those attending the event!  The events usually run from 6pm-9pm and at the end of the event I return to the kitchen to drop off the truck and end my day.  
 Cupcakes photo courtesy of Dimples Delights LLC


4.  What is your best seller and why?

My best sellers are the Delights–  these are the signature item of the truck.  They are bite sized gourmet dessert items dipped in chocolate! The delights are a perfect size to eat with your fingers and convenient while walking around the food truck event.  I sell them in 2, 4 and 6 packs.  My dearly delighted (customers) love the option to try different flavors at smaller portions that are easy to share!!  

5.  Have you ever experienced any food truck stalkers?


Food truck stalkers are welcome- as long as it is done respectfully.  With still being new to the food truck industry, I have yet to learn of any stalkers in relation to my truck but I do have a few followers that look forward to me coming to their city event each month and are sure to say hi and support my delights!  

 Photo courtesy of Dimples Delights LLC


To learn more about Dimples Delights, visit them here
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