My Exclusive Interview with Amy Atlas

I am so excited about my exclusive interview with Amy Atlas.  Whenever I see an Amy Atlas creation, I gasp with delight and joyfully smile for what might seem like an hour.  Her dessert tables are so charming, so unique, so beautifully put together and so whimsical.  I adore them all, and I was even more captivated by Amy Atlas herself.  This interview is one of my absolute favorites.  Getting a chance to step inside the mind of a creative genius, the nicknamed “The Sweets Stylist” herself, was quite a pleasure and honor.  I loved learning about where she draws her inspiration from and what her favorite career moment has been thus far.  To learn the answers to these questions, check out our interview below.
My Exclusive Interview with Amy Atlas
Photo courtesy of Amy Atlas Events

Describe yourself in dessert terms.
Sweet, sometimes nutty, well composed and always full of flavor.
 Photo courtesy of Amy Atlas Events
I heard your grandmother taught you how to bake and is a major inspiration for your baking, just like me!  What are your favorite memories of baking with her?
My favorite memories are having the one-on-one time with her. I loved learning from her and having that quality time with her. It was something we both looked forward to. I cherish the memories of making rocky road cake with her and her marble cake.
 Photo courtesy of Amy Atlas Events
What inspires the amazing creativity behind your unique dessert tables? 
I find inspiration everywhere.  It can be a beautiful pattern on fabric, a flower, a color palette or a flavor. I’m also inspired by my clients and things that are important to them.
I heard you adore Reese’s Peanut Butter cups.  Is there a dessert or candy you absolutely hate?
Hate is a strong word…but I am not the biggest fan of Flan. It’s the texture.
 Photo courtesy of Amy Atlas Events
Is there a new trend in desserts that you really love?
I’m seeing a lot of dessert combinations.  For example, oreos within a chocolate chip cookie. That is a fun trend right now.
What would you say has been the highlight of your career so far?
My book, Sweet Designs.  It is my 3rd kid.  I really poured my heart into it with so many of my sweet recipes, designs and tips. It was incredible seeing it come to life.
 Photo courtesy of Amy Atlas Events
What is the best dessert you have ever eaten? Where do you order it or who makes it?
I really love John Kellychocolates.  The dark chocolate with French gray sea salt truffles are To. Die. For.
 Photo courtesy of Amy Atlas Events
Any tips for our readers on how they can create incredible dessert tables of their own?
-Plan in advance so you have enough time.  Two weeks is a good starting point.
-Use a backdrop behind your dessert table for a nice focal point.
-Pick a color palette (2-3 colors) and coordinate your desserts, linens, vessels with those colors in mind.
-If your design is pattern heavy, bring in white platters to break up some of the pattern.
-Add height by bringing in a floral centerpiece or tall candy jars.
-Pick 6-8 desserts so there are a variety of desserts on the table.
-Place goody bags on the table so guests can take home treats.
Photo courtesy of Amy Atlas Events
Why is dessert important?
Dessert is nostalgic, and it is something that everyone looks forward to. There’s a reason why everyone saves room for dessert!  It is also a way for your guests to finish the night with something delicious.
To learn more about Amy Atlas, visit her website here
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  1. These arrangements are stunning!

  2. What an incredible opportunity to have a few minutes with such an influential woman. I have spent hours combing through her website. Congrats!

  3. Gorgeous!!!!

  4. love the idea, great colours and would make an interesting anniversary feast.

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