Banana Pudding Tiramisu

Banana Tiramisu
Banana Pudding Tiramisu is a genius idea.  This isn’t just banana flavored tiramisu.  It is Banana Pudding Tiramisu folks.  Banana pudding is a southern classic that has been making its rounds on the dinner tables of my family members for years!  Recently, I tried a version by my Aunt Bev’s (very famous for that caramel that has become a hit recipe on my blog), which was just so delish and so easy.  I begged her for the recipe of course.  It is quite a treat as is but I had this idea that I just couldn’t shake. 
Banana Pudding Tiramisu

For some reason, tiramisu kept invading my mind for a few reasons: 1) I have never made tiramisu though I love it and never miss an opportunity to order some whenever I visit an Italian restaurant, 2) The silkiness and richness of it seemed perfect to couple with bananas and rum and finally, 3) I wanted to create a version that wasn’t very intimidating and was quite simple to make for those who might be scared of the term “tiramisu”, namely me!

Banana Pudding Tiramisu

Well let’s just say I was on to something.  Clearly perfection happens when the American South and Italy blend desserts.  I kept the lady fingers that are famous for tiramisu but used cream cheese from Aunt Bev’s banana pudding recipe.  It also helped to make the recipe a bit more accessible if you don’t have mascarpone cheese on hand.  Lastly, I added in some crushed nilla cookies on the top to give that banana pudding flavor.  And there you have the creation of banana pudding tiramisu.

Banana Tiramisu

Banana Pudding Tiramisu

Banana Pudding Tiramisu


  • 2 (8 ounce) cream cheese packages, room temperature
  • 1 1/4-1/2 (14 ounce) cans sweetened condensed milk (I am cutting down my sugar so I used 1/4 extra cup)
  • 1 5 ounce package instant banana pudding mix
  • 1 5 ounce package instant vanilla pudding mix
  • 2 cups cold milk
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 1 8 ounce container thawed frozen whipped topping
  • 4-5 large bananas sliced
  • 1 17.5 ounce package ladyfingers
  • 12 vanilla wafers, crumbled
  • 1 stick butter
  • 1/2 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup rum


  1. In the bowl of a mixer, beat cream cheese until nice and fluffy.
  2. Slowly add in sweetened condensed milk, banana pudding, vanilla pudding, cold milk and vanilla extract. Beat until well incorporated.
  3. Slowly fold half of whipped topping into the banana pudding.
  4. For the Rum Sauce, in a medium sized pan or pot, add butter, brown sugar, vanilla extract, cinnamon and rum and bring to a boil.
  5. Remove from heat and allow to cool for 20 minutes.
  6. To assemble the tiramisu, arrange a full row of ladyfingers at the bottom of a 9x13 sized baking pan. Pour 1/4 of warm rum sauce over ladyfingers to soak them.
  7. Next add slices of 2 bananas over the ladyfingers and pour another 1/4 of warm rum sauce over bananas.
  8. Take half of the banana pudding mixture and smooth over the top of the sliced bananas.
  9. Next create another layer by repeating all steps starting with adding another row of ladyfingers, pour rum sauce on ladyfingers, add sliced bananas, pour remaining rum sauce and finally add the rest of the banana pudding mixture.
  10. Lastly, take remaining half of whipped topping and spread over the top of the tiramisu.
  11. Finish the top of the tiramisu with crumbled wafers over whipped topping.
  12. Place the baking pan in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours before serving.
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  1. This is fantastic! Pinned!

  2. I just want to dig into the screen with a fork – this looks fabulous! (Oh, how I love all things made with sweet milk!) :D

  3. Oh my goodness…. pinning this right now. It looks mouth watering. xx. McKenna Lou Ryan

  4. We made a layered banana pudding cake before, but the pudding wasn’t as thick as your’s, so it didn’t sit up as nicely. Adding the cream cheese is a great idea for texture and tang!

  5. Banana + tiramisu. Oh my goodness! I want this for dessert tonight. It looks insane! The banana pudding looks so thick. I have plates just like those – they look so pretty with the tiramisu. :)

  6. Southern food + Italian food…made into one FABULOUS dessert! Jocelyn, this is absolutely, incredibly creative! A definite must try! Now I have to go wipe the drool off my chin! :}

  7. Oh. My. Goodness! I need to not look at foodie blogs before breakfast. You always have the YUMMIEST looking posts.

    Love, Richelle from Lynn + Lou

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  9. Amazing! Can you please ship me a slice?!

  10. Banana pudding and tiramisu seem made for each other! Smooth, creamy, and delicious. I have never made pudding with sweetened condensed milk before. It sounds wonderfully sweet and rich. Thanks for the recipe!

  11. Hi! I plan on making this tomorrow night and want to make sure that the pudding you refer to in the recipe list is the is the pudding mix not an a premade pudding. Thanks!

  12. What are ladyfingers?

  13. I loooooove tiramisu, but I’m pregnant and wanted to know if you had any alternative suggestions for using rum. Would leaving it out be disrespectful to the recipe? :)

  14. Hwue Zuin says:

    This looks mouthwatering! I’m so going to make this.
    Just to check with you, is the banana and vanilla pudding mix in powder form? So do I need to mix it with water first before I add it into the cream cheese in Step 2? Thanks in advance.

  15. Would it be possible to use rum flavoring instead of the rum??

    • Jocelyn (Grandbaby Cakes) says:

      Yes you can use this but it won’t have the exact same flavor. Just don’t add too much.

  16. Surinder Kaur says:

    Is there any substitute for rum in banana pudding tiramisu

    • Jocelyn (Grandbaby Cakes) says:

      Hi Surinder, are you looking to get rid of the alcohol? Do you want a non alcoholic substitute?

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