An Exclusive Interview with People’s Pops

If you haven’t noticed yet, I am having a huge love affair with popsicles so I am so excited about my exclusive interview with People’s Pops.  So far, I have made these mango ones and these watermelon ones earlier this week, and I simply can’t get enough.  Because I haven’t posted an interview in quite some time, I thought I should make a splash by featuring one of the most popular popsicle businesses there is, People’s Pops.
my exclusive interview with people's pops
Photo courtesy of Pure Wow
What started as a small business venture has grown into a huge chain of shops in New York.  People’s Pops has been featured everywhere from The Cooking Channel, The Martha Stewart Show and Wall Street Journal to Food & Wine Magazine and The New York Times.  The reason for the constant buzz and accolades makes perfect sense actually.  They are creating some of the most unique and delicious ice pops you have ever tasted.  And if you want to try them at home, you can pick up their cookbook filled with their amazing recipes.  To learn more about People’s Pops, check out my interview with Nathalie below.

my exclusive interview with people's pops
Photo courtesy of The Food Ledger

Why Pops?  What made you choose them?

Everyone remembers eating pops as a child, but how often were they ever made from real fruit?  We figured we could take a nostalgic childhood classic and update it with modern flavors and really high-quality ingredients.  We never expected this to have turned out the way it has, but we are delighted!
What is your favorite cookbook for desserts?
I love The Art of the Tart, by Tamasin Day-Lewis.
What has been your worst disaster in the kitchen?
There was that one time that the fire extinguisher in our freezer (what??) accidentally went off and flooded the whole kitchen…

my exclusive interview with people's pops
Photo courtesy of Eat Your Words
How do you experiment and come up with recipes?
We start from the principle “what grows together goes together” and get a lot of inspiration from the farmers’ market.  We also pay close attention to how people craft cocktails and what is happening on dessert menus around town.
Are there two flavors that go together well that seem odd but work perfectly?
Yes, so many!  We love raspberry + basil, blackberry + lemon verbena, watermelon + cucumber….the list is long!
Why is dessert important?
Dessert is a little piece of pleasure in the day, a sweet indulgence best enjoyed in moderation, but at its best, reminds you why life is worth living!
For more information, please visit People’s Pops HERE
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